What the Bible Says About Refugees

A Four-Week Study Guide

Who are refugees and what does the Bible say about them?

This FREE study guide will:

  • - Inspire you with true refugee stories

  • - Inform you about the global refugee crisis and God’s Word about refugees

  • - Engage you with thought-provoking discussion questions

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Detailed Description

When Jesus taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves, He was asked, “Who is my neighbor?” The same question echoes through our culture today. What does it mean to welcome “the foreigner residing among us” (Leviticus 19:33) and show hospitality to all?

Refugees are our neighbors. As we grapple with what it means to live out our faith by loving our neighbor, we need guidance. We need Scripture to inform our discussion, questions to frame our conversation, and stories that touch our hearts and minds. 

This four-week study, ideal for individuals, small groups, or entire congregations, includes true refugee stories, an in-depth study of what the Bible says about refugees, and thought-provoking discussion questions. Challenging yet accessible, this study is the ideal accompaniment to a sermon series or as a follow-up to a one-day focus on refugees.


“This study will enrich people’s understanding of what ‘love your neighbor’ really means. I hope that it will open people’s hearts, help people connect with Scripture and motivate them to put social outreach and action into the context of their Christian faith.”

Sr. Catherine Fedewa, CSFN
Cabrini Retreat Center — Des Plaines, IL

“This study is well designed with personal accounts of refugees’ experiences, probing questions, discussion guides and next step ideas. It would be ideal for a church to do together in small groups, to help the church focus on its role when reaching out and helping refugees feel welcomed and assimilated.”

Pat Wright
St. Mark’s Church — Geneva, IL

Exodus World Service
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