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Interested in Sponsoring a Refugee Family?

The U.S. government has launched a new legal pathway for refugees to resettle in the U.S. Groups of five or more private citizens can now welcome, support, and assist refugees as they rebuild their lives and integrate into their communities. 

Groups complete an application with Welcome Corps, then raise funds to help refugees during their first 90 days here. They will secure and prepare housing, greet newcomers at the airport, enroll children in school, help adults to find jobs, and more. Most of all, groups will provide a warm welcome and friendship to our newest refugee neighbors. 

Your Exodus Team is assessing interest in private sponsorship and how we can support groups. If you’re interested in learning more, we want to connect with you! Please contact Jason Mohn, Director of Church and School Engagement at jason.mohn@exodusworldservice.org.


Community Center Will Bring Together Refugees and Volunteers

A community center will offer a new place of connection for refugees and volunters. Located close to the homes of refugee friends, this convenient space will provide opportunities for new classes and gatherings. Soon refugee students will meet with mentors for homework help, conversation groups can come together over a cup of tea to practice English, and more!

We are currently vetting locations in DuPage County for the new center.

Jobs Pilot Under Development

Another exciting initiative will connect refugees with meaningful job opportunities. In this pilot program, New Neighbor volunteers will help refugees prepare for jobs provided by partner companies. Relationships will strengthen as volunteers and refugees practice English needed for their new job, complete applications, and navigate employment preparation together. Meaningful employment provides dignity and enables refugees to support their families.

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