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Groceries Circle

Collect & Deliver Supplies For Refugees

In the Greater Chicago Area

Grocery Care Packs

You can collect and/or deliver essential supplies for refugee families in need, such as food staples and toiletry items. This is a great opportunity for individuals, small groups, or church congregations. Learn what Grocery Care Pack items are needed. Contact Jeanna Choi at for more information. 

Baby Care Packs

Help collect and/or deliver much needed supplies such as diapers and baby wipes to refugee families with infants and toddlers. Contact Jeanna Choi at for more information. 

Education Care Packs

Online learning can be especially difficult without tactile materials. You can help refugee children with the needed resources by collecting and/or delivering flash cards, books, school supplies, etc. This is a great project for individuals, small groups, or church congregations. Contact Sue Horgan at for more information. 

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Connect Virtually With Refugees in Chicago

Pen Pals for Kids 

Connect your children with children from refugee families as Pen Pals! Kids from participating families are paired with refugee kids of a similar age and provided resources and tips on writing letters to each other. Sign up for New Neighbor Pen Pals for Kids

Virtual New Neighbors 

You can conduct “virtual visits” with refugees, using video chats, phone calls, texts and other platforms. This is a great opportunity to show care for refugee neighbors and to build friendship. Contact Jeanna Choi at to learn how to get connected. 

Book Club Circle

Learn About Refugees

Book Club

Join with others for Book Club to read and discuss Seeking Refuge: On the Shores of the Global Refugee Crisis. The Book Club meets on Zoom every Thursday for six weeks from May 7 – June 11.

Virtual Cross-Cultural & Refugee Issues Training

This training prepares you to engage with refugees. It offers in-depth learning and activities to broaden a volunteer’s understanding of who refugees are and how they get to the United States, as well as how to navigate cross-cultural communication and friendship. Register for a training today, or contact Jody May at for more information.

Recommended Reading Lists

Learn more about refugees and the issues surrounding resettlement, or simply take a walk in a refugee’s shoes by checking out some of the recommended books below. 

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