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Would you like to learn more about refugees around the world and how refugees enrich our local communities?

Through education on refugee and cross-cultural issues, congregations are equipped to serve and support refugee communities locally and abroad. A variety of resources and activities are available: 

Presentations or Workshops

Exodus World Service staff, board members, volunteers and refugees themselves are trained and available to speak to your church or group. Presentations or workshops can be geared toward your small group, youth group, church congregation, sunday school, classroom, VBS, confirmation group or missions fair.

Cross-Cultural and Refugee Issues Training

Target Audience: College, Adults 

Duration: 3 hours 

This training prepares volunteers to engage with the refugee community. It offers in-depth learning and activities to broaden a volunteer’s understanding of who refugees are and how they get to the United States, as well as what help they receive when they arrive. Learn about the culture(s) of many refugees who are arriving and how to navigate cross-cultural communication and friendship. Attend training to learn how you can get involved.

The Refugee Journey - Run for Your Life Simulation

Target Audience: Middle School, High School, Adults

Duration: 1.5 – 3 hours

An interactive, hands-on simulation that engages groups physically and emotionally in the refugee experience and then guides participants through reflection.  The simulation includes boats, tents and border security experiences.

World Refugee Sunday

World Refugee Sunday is observed the Sunday before or after June 20. Resources are available to help you with planning.

Pen and Paper Simulation

Target Audience: High School, Adults

Duration: 30 – 40 minutes

A simple classroom simulation that gives participants the chance to think about what refugees experience when fleeing persecution in their homeland. What will you bring with you? Who will you encounter on the road as you flee the country? The activity ends with reflection on the choices made.

Refugees in the Bible

Target Audience: Middle School, High School, Adults

Duration: 1 hour

This presentation engages groups in studying Bible verses related to refugees. Through reading and analyzing Scripture verses, the presenter leads the group in a discussion about how to serve refugees.


Target Audience: Middle School, High School, Adults

Duration: 30 minutes

This table game simulates a cross-cultural experience for participants.

Service Project Opportunities

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